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Montessori shapes toy, sorting box with drawer, box with 4 shapes made of wood

33,19€ 45,00€

The sorting box helps develop hand-eye coordination and use basic problem-solving skills to sort through the different shapes and colors.

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination & More:
Train the child's ability to work with the corners to improve hand-eye coordination. In addition, the children can get to know the names of geometric shapes and make their first sensory experiences with geometric shapes.
Size & Design:
The toy has the dimensions 14 cm x 14 cm x 12 cm.
There are 4 different shapes with 7 templates in different levels of difficulty.

Game & fun:
Children like to imitate adults, these drawers allow them to complete a small part of their daily chores (something as simple as opening a drawer). The child learns which object fits into which hole and develops the child's concentration. The different templates will keep the child motivated and have a lot of fun.

Gift idea:
The sorting box is perfect as a gift idea for children. The toy teaches the child fine motor skills and the names of geometric shapes in a playful way.

How to use:

Before demonstrating, start with a verbal introduction: this is a mailbox, this is a cylinder, etc. Then start demonstrating again. Parents lead the way by holding the geometric object with their first three fingers, moving it over the hole, pausing for a moment, and then releasing their hand to place it.

Note: When the child is good at a lid, switch lids to make the task more difficult and use the lids in the following order.

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Montessori shapes toy, sorting box with drawer, box with 4 shapes made of wood

33,19€ 45,00€