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trinomial cube; math stuff

44,70€ 90,00€

from five years

consists of 27 different colored individual blocks, a wooden box with a lid


The aim is for your child to build the cube themselves. The colored side faces always bring you back to the original shape of the large cube. The surfaces of the individual cubes must have the same color when placed next to each other.

The handling of the cube corresponds to the binomial cube. As an additional difficulty, it has three parts (trinom).

- Promotion of concentration and perseverance

- Detect the binomial square

- Make abstraction understandable

- Getting to know the three dimensions

- Preparation for algebra



length: 14,5 cm

Width: 14,8 cm

Height: 11,5 cm


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trinomial cube; math stuff

44,70€ 90,00€