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Mysterious Bag of Geometric Shapes Stereognostic Bag (20 Pcs)

17,89€ 24,99€

This Stereognosis Mystery Bag is similar to the first sensory material Dr. Montessori introduced her children to: a variety of wooden objects with different geometric shapes in a cloth bag with a hole for children's hands through which they can touch and manipulate objects that they cannot see.

Children in the sensitive phase of sensory exploration are fascinated by colors, tastes, smells, touches and sounds as they explore their environment. Playing with geometric shapes is a tangible and effective way for children to learn about 3D shapes through their stereo sense, which is the ability to perceive and understand both the shape and texture of objects through touch.

For the game you need a collection of small objects that your child knows and can name. While it closes its eyes, place an item in the pouch and challenge it to identify it by touch alone. If your child guesses correctly, you and your child switch roles.

Montessori Activities: Eye-hand coordination, sensory activity
Recommended age: from 2 years
Skill Development: Eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, stereo sense
Sensitive period: Sensory Exploration
Material: Wood
Specification: please see the picture

They are made of high quality wood. The texture is clear and even and the tone is soft and smooth.

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Mysterious Bag of Geometric Shapes Stereognostic Bag (20 Pcs)

17,89€ 24,99€