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geometric chest of drawers; sensory material

174,00€ 230,00€

from four years

This chest of drawers contains the various geometric figures. The chest of drawers consists of six drawers, each containing nine different geometric figures, rectilinear figures, curvilinear figures and circles.

Your child can use the chest of drawers to discover different geometric figures. By running your fingers around or by copying the figures, you can memorize the different shapes. One hand holds the geometric figure with the three-point grip, while the other hand moves around the figure with the index and middle fingers, thus discovering the different properties of the geometric figure. As a next step, your child can copy the geometric figures on a piece of paper.

- Promotion of eye-hand coordination
- Vocabulary expansion by naming/repeating the various geometric figures
- Refinement of the sense of sight by inserting the geometric figures in the appropriate inserts
- Promotion of fine motor skills
- Art and aesthetic sensitivity are developed (e.g. by superimposing a rectangle and a trapezoid, a house results)

- Encourage creativity 


length: 54,5 cm

Width: 38,0 cm

Height: 31,5 cm

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geometric chest of drawers; sensory material

174,00€ 230,00€