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Wooden egg and mug


Babies between 6 and 9 months refine their grip and practice working with two hands. The egg with a cup offers a variant of developing the coordination of both hands. At this stage, the child is fascinated with putting things together and will tirelessly try to connect the two.

how to use it
When the child can sit independently and their hands work together, they are ready for this toy.
Demonstrate it by sitting in front of the child, holding the egg cup in one hand and the egg in the other, and slowly taking the egg out of the cup and putting it back in:

Development Benefits:
1. Exercise hand-eye coordination
2. Practice letting go

Note: after the child has had many experiences with the egg and the cup, we introduce the child to the cube and the box (this group is more challenging as the cube needs to be aligned with the edge of the cup to insert)

Recommended age: from 6 to 8 months

Equipment: Beech wood

Specifications: Please see the picture

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Wooden egg and mug