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Advance Object Permanent Box With Drawer


When our baby becomes proficient with the entry object permanence box, we can introduce this advanced level Object Permanent Box With Drawer to him or her. Your child will need to open the drawer to retrieve the ball as it doesn't just roll out. 

There is a handle on the drawer so that children can easily grasp it with their fingers coordinating their thumb; the box has a drawer that can be pulled out, the inside of the box has a stop so that the drawer cannot be pulled out completely. 

How to use?
Demonstrate by holding the bottom with one hand and throwing the ball with the other. This can be done in a cooperative manner so that the children are more motivated. You can ask the child to help you pull out the drawer. Invite the child to do it herself after the demonstration. 

Effect of use:
1. To make the child aware of the concept of object permanence
2. The child practices the release action
3. The child learns to use both hands
4. Exercise hand-eye coordination

Recommended age: from 9 months. 
Material: Wood, non-toxic water-based paint
Specification: 23cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm

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Advance Object Permanent Box With Drawer