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Munari Mobile

For the first two months of life, babies can only see high-contrast patterns and black and white. Therefore, this black and white Murari mobile is just what you need to help newborns during this time to train their eyesight, build neural connections in the brain and promote cognitive development.

Recommended age: 2 weeks - 2 months

The story of this material: This classic black and white mobile was invented especially for babies by the Italian artist Bruno Munari. It consists of a transparent glass ball with a diameter of 6 to 7 cm and two pieces of thick black and white paper.

Equipment: different, non-toxic, BPA-free

How to use: Hang it 30-35 cm above the baby's chest, at a 45° angle to the eyes.

Why: In the first two months of life, the baby's periphery is more mature than the central concavity, allowing him to see things at the edge more clearly than objects directly in front of him.

Development Benefits
Baby's eye muscles slowly move under the stimulation of color
The strong color contrast makes the baby's eyes focus, thus developing visual and cognitive skills
Babies interact without adult help and engage actively and independently with their environment

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Munari Mobile