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Gobbi Mobile Montessori Mobile

This classic Gobbi Montessori Mobile is the third visual mobile to be introduced to babies following the Montessori pedagogy. It consists of 5 airy spheres of a single color hung at a 45 degree angle, with the darkest color hung lowest and the lightest color hung highest. It provides an age-appropriate stimulus for baby's developing vision. The color variation is an additional element that they can explore with their eyes. You can grab them with your hands.

At the age of 2 to 3 months, the visual area of ​​the baby's brain, which is responsible for processing color information, is almost mature, and the ability to distinguish colors is about the same as that of an adult, so this gobbi mobile at this time is one of the most suitable materials for them. As it shows the gradual color change from light to dark, it can adequately support children's color vision development.

Recommended age: 2-4 months

Equipment: different materials, non-toxic, BPA-free

How to use: hang it on the baby gym or in a place where the child can see it
Note: To check if your child can see the object, hold an object in front of the child's eyes and then slowly move it backwards. If the child stops looking at the object, it means that he can no longer see it.

Development benefit
The child can slowly perceive the gradual change of colors from light to dark to further develop their color vision
The child can concentrate and follow the slow movement of the mobile, it trains the eyes and tracking ability
The baby can develop its stereo vision
The baby actively interacts with the environment through the mobile without the support of an adult.

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Gobbi Mobile Montessori Mobile