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Puzzle board with three circles in blue


This is a perfect beginner jigsaw puzzle for babies, because a circle is the simplest shape for a puzzle as there are no corners. Between 6 and 9 months, they will mostly take out the pieces and practice their pincer grip in a variety of ways (including exploring with their mouths). We can put the pieces back in place so they can be taken out again.

How is it used?

You can first demonstrate how to use the first three fingers to take out the puzzle with slow and clear movements, and then ask the child to remove the last piece. After all the pieces have been taken out, you can demonstrate how to put them back by holding the little button with your first three fingers as well. Proceed slowly and clearly. Ask the child to take the last piece. Once this is done, ask the child to try it themselves.

When the child is good at this, you can add a verbal introduction. For example, you can point to the shapes and say "circles, large, medium, small".

Development Benefits:

1. Train your child's hand-eye coordination
2. Encourage the child to use the first 3 fingers to grab a small button.
3. Allow the child to engage with shapes and backgrounds.

Recommended age: 6 months
Skill Development: Eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills
Equipment: plywood
Specifications: 30cm x 12.5cm

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Puzzle board with three circles in blue