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Development of infants between 6 and 9 months

Every child and their development are different. The age we use in this article is a guide to an age range.

Between 6 and 9 months, the myelination process takes place in the lower trunk, thighs, and lower legs. It has also spread to fingers. Parents can encourage their child's development by giving the child the opportunity to spend time on the floor and move freely.

Gross motor skills

At this stage, our babies begin to slide and gradually progress to crawling. With advanced gross motor skills, they can explore a larger area, move more efficiently, and travel longer distances. Sometimes we leave our babies at one end of the room and find them at the other end. At this stage, a baby can usually sit with support and it is tempting to pick them up to sit. We advise waiting until the baby can sit independently.

Gross motor development between 6 to 9 months

Fine motor skills

Once baby is seated, hands are free to explore.

baby on the playmat

Between the 6th and 9th month, the baby's hand movements become more and more precise. It begins to move objects from one hand to the other and use both hands at the same time. At 7 months, our baby begins to use his palm and thumb and wrist flexion is possible. When our baby approaches an object, they can grab it, move it from hand to hand and otherwise explore it with their hands and mouth. Over time, you'll see that baby's thumb is almost side-by-side with the fingers when picking something up, instead of facing the index finger. We Montessori educators offer our babies rattles and other objects of a smaller scale, taking into account the developmental characteristics of each phase.

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1. The Montessori Baby: A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Your Baby by Junnifa Uzodike and Simone Davies

2. The Absorbent Mind Book by Maria Montessori

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